Kor'E Evans

Raised by humans, far smarter than expected, and much more than meets the eye


Ogre Sorcerer; Grey Ranger Sergeant

Attributes: Agility D8, Smarts D8, Spirit D4, Strength D12, Vigor D8

Skills: Fighting D8; Kn (Cosmology) d6; Kn (Magic) D8; Notice D4+2 with smell; Spell Casting D10+2; Stealth d4, Swimming d4

Pace: 7"; Parry: 7/6; Toughness: 11 (2)

Armor: full scale armor & helm (Armor +2; -4 cov.; 20 lb); Bracers (Parry +1; 6 lb)

Weapon: white silver great axe (d12+d10; AP 1; -1 Parry; 2 hands; 15 lb)

Ogre Package: Big Target, Great Strides, Keen Sense of Smell, Mighty and Resilient, Monstrous Size and Appearance, Outsider, Reach +1, Size +2, Slow and Pliable, Thermal Vision.

Edges: More than Muscle, Sorcerer (Boost Trait, Confusion, Jet), Powerful, Chosen of the Feather, Power Points*2, Expanded Understanding (Burrow), Command, New Power (Mind’s Eye), Soul-Bonded Item (Shard of Korg), New Power (Silence)

Hindrances: Curious, Loyal, Vow “Indebted to Galeans”

Gear: great axe, full scale armor & helm, bracers, reference books on magic, ranger kit, shard

The Shard of Korg
• +5 Essence (recovers 1/hr independent of your Essence pool)
• +2 To An Arcane Skill of your choice (Spell Casting)

XP: 53

5 – Powerful
10 – Power Points
15 – Command; Kn (Magic) raised to d8
20 – Mind’s Eye
25 – Expanded Understanding (Burrow)
30 – Soul-Bonded Item (Shard of Korg)
35 – Silence
40 – Applications: Selective applied to Jet and Silence
45 – Power Points (20 PP)
50 – Improved Soul-Bonded Item (Shard of Korg)


Kor'E Evans

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