Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Tolm

Command & Control, the Tolm Missions

(SecretsCon 2014)

The events (described in the Rangers at Large report area by Shayline) near and in the Kingdom of Erimar have proven to be widespread throughout the Southern Kingdoms. The Korg Humps recently experienced a number of terrible attacks by Childer under the apparent direct control of a combination of Prelacy forces and agents of the Red Store.

Sergeant Kor’e Evans (recently promoted due to these very events) led a team of Rangers into the Humps to track down information and the perpetrators of raids against various settlements. The team included local Rangers Ovgal and Tinker, as well as Corporal Maeve O’Halloran from the Haven outpost. Other Rangers-at-Large were also sent to assist, as the problem is considered a rather major one.

After confronting a force of controlled Childer, the Rangers were able to track down a group in the woods that contained a Builder technician with some kind of specialized golem that reportedly enabled the Prelacy to control the Childer. Tinker was able to devise a means of destroying the golem (along with many Prelacy troops and the operating Builder).

Later, while Sergeant Evans led a large combined task force to take on a significant force sent against the Crackrock Gather, Corporal O’Halloran was tasked by Kor’E to lead a smaller Ranger group to assist Tinker in finding and either destroying or neutralizing a rather large and ancient Builder facility hidden deep below the center of the Korg Humps. These Rangers were able to overcome a rather large force of Builders and Prelacy soldiers in order to take control of what is now designated as the “Korg Special Project T.”

Current information is sketchy, but by all accounts, this facility could have been used to wipe out all life in the Humps and beyond…


Saiderin Saiderin

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